Welcome to the Website devoted to my books and the lives they lead. My hope is that this cyber persona,, can pull together information that you as interested readers have had to pick up in hit-or-miss fashion as I've trooped around to bookstores doing readings and signings or as reviews and interviews flashed past.

So, we have in the Reader's Guides section in lasting form for each of my books:

It also seemed worthwhile to provide you a biographical sketch of the person behind the byline and my own best guess about what I am up to as a writer—hence the feature, Ivan's Notes.

And the What's New section will feature my newest book and from time to time will provide news that has to do with this family of books you've been kind enough to adopt.

Lastly, to get the books from the realm of the theoretical into your hands, the Purchase page provides the way to reach whatever bookseller you find handiest.

My best to all of you.

—Ivan Doig